Tagging and Social Bookmarking

Tagging and Social Bookmarking




Tags are keywords meant to facilitate classification for web pages, photos, blogs, bookmarks, and anything else that exists on the web. Social bookmarking allows users to set up a list of bookmarks on the web.  By adding tags to bookmarks and aggregating bookmarks across users, people can search for the top web pages on a given topic. 


Uses and Potential Benefits

Organizations that strategically tag web pages, blogs, podcasts and photos may attract more traffic and reach beyond their standard audience. You can embed a buzzcloud-- a list of popular search tags-- with a robust search function on your site for free using Swiki.  Example: a group of nonprofits working on a particular issue could collectively choose to tag websites relevant to their work with a common tag, so that anyone searching on that tag would find information on their issue.


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References/Articles/Examples from Nonprofits and Foundations

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