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On-Demand Software

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On-Demand Software



On-demand software enables users to access tools that are hosted and maintained online.


Uses and Potential Benefits

On-demand access is lessening the need for in-house technical staff and making a wider array of tools accessible and affordable for organizers.  Example: a foundation might put all its grantee information on salesforce.com, reducing the cost of maintaining an in-house grants management system.


Examples of the Tool (Not exhaustive or vetted)




References/Articles/Examples from Nonprofits and Foundations



Real Time or Time Independent?

Time Independent


Can Start Small and Expand?



Time/Cost to Implement?



Time/Cost to Maintain



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Anonymous said

at 3:09 pm on Nov 1, 2007

Consider specifying this page further - is it about online donation tools? grants management tools? customer relations management tools?

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