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Group Discussions

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Group Discussions




Allows a group of people to participate in a discussion group using email messages.  Users reply to the group email and the message is sent to the entire group.  Similar to listservs. 


Uses and Potential Benefits

Group discussions are an easy way for individuals to communicate with a large group on an ongoing basis.   This can be through a web interface or regular emails.  Useful for collaboration and team or group communication. Example: a foundation might set up a group discussion for its grantees and external experts to discuss topics relevant to their work.


Examples of the Tool (Not exhaustive or vetted)








References/Articles/Examples from Nonprofits and Foundations


A Network of Networks: Email Lists, Nature Protection, and Pollution Control

Discussion Forums 2.0: Real-Time Chat Meets Discussion Board - Tangler Opens The Conversation Network


Real Time or Time Independent?

Time Independent (Yet, can structure so that discussions take place over a set period of time.)


Can Start Small and Expand?



Time/Cost to Implement?



Time/Cost to Maintain



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