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Northern California Grantmakers

Technology Tools for Philanthropic Foundations


Welcome! This site is designed as a simple and quick introduction for grantmakers interested in using new technologies (and some older ones, too) in creative ways.  We’ve gotten started by identifying a wide range of valuable technologies.  For each, we provide a brief description of how grantmakers could put it to use, links to actual tools, links to more in-depth information, and simple information about the time and money needed to implement it.  We've grouped them into categories by how the tools are most often used.  Take a look, add your own, and comment on what is already here.  We've also included links to several general resources and the story behind the wiki.


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Wikis, Word Processing and Spreadsheets Online, Shared CalendarsOnline Collaboration, Group Discussions, Web-Based Conferencing, Meeting Scheduling, Extranets, Second Life, Social Networking, MoSoSo

Gathering and Analyzing Information

GIS Mapping, Social Network Mapping, Online Surveys, Logic Mapping and Evaluation Planning, Organization Assessments Online, Mindmapping, Content Analysis, Customer Relationship Management Systems, Grants Management, Online Applications, Reporting and Monitoring

Organizing and Filtering Information

Tagging and Social Bookmarking, RSS Feed Readers, Collaborative Information Ranking, Clipping Services, Library and Resource Center, Portals

Disseminating Information

Blogs, Digital Video, Podcasting, RSS Feed Creation, Photo Sharing, Course Management, Bulk Emailing

Improving Basic Communications

Phone and Conference Call Services, SMS and Text Messaging, Instant Messenger, Email

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

On-Demand Software, Online Sales and Auctions, Remote Access - PC and VPN

Facilitating Donations and Volunteering

Online Matching, Online Giving



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