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Disseminating Information

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Disseminating Information



A blog, short for weblog, is a website in a journal format where a user posts commentary or news on a particular subject. While most blogs are text-based, one may also create photoblogs, vlogs (video) or podcasts (audio). Blogs are generally written by one person, but they can be multi-author.


Digital Video

Using a digital video camera or webcam and mic, users can record their own video and upload it to the web for viewing by others.



A podcast is an audio blog, as well as a method of delivering audio and video files over the Internet – using RSS or Atom syndication—to mobile devices, such as ipods, and computers. 


RSS Feed Creation

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It is a simple way for Internet users to read summaries of frequently changing Web content, such as a news site or a blog. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds through news readers, like MyYahoo! and Google Reader.


Photo Sharing

Photo sharing sites allow users to upload their digital photos to the web for archiving and viewing by others over the Internet.


Course Management

Allows users to create online courses.


Bulk Emailing

Software or web applications that allow users to send out email messages to a large group of people, and track receipt and response.  HTML design allows graphics and formatting within the message.


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